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Aerial Courses & Events

Aerial Courses & Events

Introduction to Aerial (Hammock) Yoga $25Purchase required to enroll

Aerial yoga is adaptable to all levels of fitness so try something new that will make you feel empowered, develop strength and flexibility. This workshop will cover all of the essentials including benefits, safety procedures and basic asanas to ensure that you're ready for our drop-in aerial classes. Click title for complete detail and to enroll today!

Family Aerial Playground - Registration required 48 hrs in advance. $20Purchase required to enroll

Bring the family for this fun and creative class filled with various poses, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. This class will take place using a combination of mat and a hammock. Kids should be ready to learn traditional yoga as well as fly in aerial yoga! Click title for important details and to register.

Climbing Your Ladder to the Sky - Please register at least 48 hrs in advance. $25Purchase required to enroll

Ready for more air time in aerial yoga? First you’ll need to build your ladder, or in other words, work on progressions to build strength and skill (and courage!). We’ll weave those into a balanced practice and play with transitions into more challenging poses, to ready you to step up to the top rung of your sky ladder. Click title for more details and to register.