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Workshops & Events

Special Events

Studio - Back & Hips - Roll Method + Sound Massage $25Purchase required to enroll

Release tension deep in your tissues with therapy balls and sound vibration.You will learn self-massage techniques with the Roll ModelĀ® Method and experience vibration from Tibetan singing bowls that Deb will play gently on your body. A nada (sound) nidra (sleep) will complete the session to help you immerse into a deep state of relaxation. Click title for more details and to register.

Unlocking the Pelvic Floor

In this masterclass, we will explore your pelvic floor and lower body, discuss the issues and conditions that can occur, ways you can keep this area healthy and happy, and learn how to start to bring awareness to this mystery space of your body. Click title for more details. Must register in advance at: https://www.slwellness.info/courses.html

Bhakti, Chakra, and Sound: The Root of Blessings $25Purchase required to enroll

Experience the magic of uniting the practices of bhakti, chakra, and sound in this new and innovative workshop with Molly and Deb. They will take you through a mind, body, and spirit experience that combines bhakti (devotion) yoga, chakra vibration and alignment, asana movement, and sound massage. We will start with the root chakra to awaken our hearts to our internal Ganesh to remove obstacles and find new beginnings/blessings in our life. Click title for more details and to register.

Roll Ball Method - Pelvic Floor $35Purchase required to enroll

Explore your pelvic floor using self massage techniques with the Roll Ball Method with Deb and simple exercises guided by Molly to keep your pelvic floor happy and healthy. Our pelvic floor is key for overall health and it needs to be flexible and strong. This workshop is the perfect resource to help with tension, weakness, and tightness in the lower part of our bodies. The workshop will include a mini-pelvic floor lesson with Molly, Women's Embodiment Coach and expert on the pelvic floor. Click title to register.