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Yoga Courses & Events

Special Events

Yoga Foundations 5-week Series $65Purchase required to enroll

A yoga series for every body! Grounded in the foundations of hatha yoga, this slow-paced class lets students focus on building a consistent practice. Through asana (postures), body alignment, deep breathing, meditation and relaxation, students will have the opportunity to experience yoga’s transformational effects. This series will provide the tools you need to discover and rediscover a practice that's right for you. All levels welcomed. Click title for additional details and to register.

Introduction to Shadow Work with Lauri Ann Lumby $25Purchase required to enroll

“Shadow “ can be understood as the pain within us caused by past wounding that veils our original nature. In this workshop, you will learn basic tools for identifying the shadow and transforming the shadow so that your light may be more fully visible., and so that you might enjoy a more peaceful and joyful life. This workshop will also establish a foundation for future, more in-depth shadow work. Click title to register.

The Five Koshas $20 per classFrom $16 per visit with 4-week Series Non-Member Rate passPurchase required to enroll

Become the best version of yourself in 2020 as you explore the 5 layers of your existence, the “Koshas”. In this inward journey you will intuitively open sheaths of your annamaya kosha physical body, pranamaya kosha energy body, manomaya kosha, mental body, vijnanamaya kosha wisdom body and anadamaya kosha bliss body with breath, movement, meditation and nada (sound) yoga nidra (sleep). You will also learn mantra and mudras for you to integrate into your everyday life. Click title for all the details and to register.

Open Your Heart to LOVE! Sound Vibration Experience $30Purchase required to enroll

Open to the wisdom and love in your heart with this unique post Valentine's unforgettable sound vibrational experience. While resting on your yoga mat you will immerse in the healing vibrations of the gong, lyra and chimes with Karen Pujals of Soul Freq while Deb Sommerhalder gently places Peter Hess Therapeutic Singing Bowls on your heart and hands to awaken your heart chakra. Includes a Peter Hess Signature Loving Kindness Tibetan Sound Bowl Meditation.

$30 through February 14th, $35 after if space is available.

Releasing Rage Yoga $30Purchase required to enroll

Rage is perhaps the most misunderstood and maligned of all human emotions. Necessary for processing grief, facing injustice and establishing healthy boundaries, rage can be a great tool for supporting our wellbeing. In this two-hour workshop, learn to understand the different faces of rage and their supportive purpose in your life while practicing effective and healthy tools for engaging and processing rage. Don’t let rage eat you up...use it to your advantage! Click title for full details and to register.

Vagal Toning | Leap Year Reset - Intuitive Yoga Experience™ $32 per classPurchase required to enroll

February 29 Tone and raise the vibration of your Vagus Nerve, restoring your body and mind to optimal health on this extra day of the year! The vagus nerve essentially reads your gut microbiome and can have an effect on your mood, stress levels and overall inflammation. In this workshop you will learn self-massage for your abdomen and practice slow, rhythmic, diaphragmatic breathing techniques in supported postures with the yoga tune-up courageous ball. You will also learn some vocal toning and end with a guided Nada (Sound) Yoga Nidra Sleep) to further down-regulate your nervous system and return it to balance. Click title for additional details and to register.

Upgrade Your Mindset Wellness Workshop $35Purchase required to enroll

Wellness and a healthy life start with a strong mindset!

How we view the world around us can affect our relationships, career, weight, habits, and more. During this wellness workshop, Molly will guide you through mindfulness techniques, learn new ways to view the world to live your intentions with love, and how to manifest with action to live your dreams and find your purpose. Click title for more details and to register.

Inner Sun Book Club | The Meaning of Happiness Free

Join us for book club! Our January, 2020 book will be "The Meaning of Happiness" by Alan Watts. Click title for additional details.