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Yin - Advance Registration Required

Receptivity, allowance, tolerance, reflection, and passivity are the key intuitive aspects of yin. Release tension, aches and pains as you move gently and stretch deeply in long-held postures on the floor that target your connective tissues. In this class you will be encouraged to allow your body to unfold however it may.

*Everyone from beginners through experienced students will promote balance and harmony in body and mind with a yin yoga practice.

Please make note of the following before attending:

Mask: A mask is currently optional in the building and class.

Cancellations: If you must cancel please do so asap before class to allow someone from the wait list a space. Cancellations with less than 2 hrs notice may have the class deducted from their package.

Cancellations by phone or email are not guaranteed so we strongly recommend you do so online.

Props: A limited supply of props are available for use. Please bring a mat and other other props you like for your practice such as blocks, strap, bolster or blanket if possible, especially for Restorative classes.

Thank you for your compassionate understanding and patience.