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Aerial Yoga | Flight Training Single Class

$18 per classPurchase required to enroll

Aerial Flight Training | Basics and Beyond the Basics Single Visit. See full class descriptions in Aerial Courses. Save when registering for then entire series.


*Wear comfortable yoga/type pants, legging preferred, with no zippers.

*Wear a t-shirt that covers your underarms especially if new to aerial yoga.

*Remove all jewelry.

*No hand and body lotions or sharp nails.

*Arrive 10 minutes prior to class start time to get your hammock height set so class can begin on time.

*Come clean - clothes and body please!

*Do not attend when you are not feeling well. Take this time to rest at home.

*There are some contraindications for aerial yoga such as heart conditions, vertigo, disc problems and pregnancy so it is important that you let us know prior to taking a class so we can advise you on which class to take or if aerial is appropriate for you at this time.