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"FLOAT" Hammock Restorative All Levels - Preregistration required

Explore restorative yoga as you FLOAT in support of hammocks to stretch connective tissue and create space and openness in your body. You will sink deep into postures with ease and rest so you can return to balance. Essential oils will be offered as you experience a floating savasana.

PLEASE REGISTER AT LEAST 12 HRS IN ADVANCE! A minimum of 3 students if required for each aerial class. If minimum is met and there is still room, you can sign up with less than 48 hrs notice. However, keep in mind, that hammocks may be sold out. If minimum is not met class may be canceled.

For your safety and the care of our equipment you must adhere to the following guidelines or may not be admitted to the class.

*Wear comfortable legging (tighter on lower legs) yoga/type pants.

*Wear a t-shirt that covers your underarms.

*NO ZIPPERS, BUTTONS AND YOU MUST REMOVE ALL JEWELRY! No sharp objects on body of any kind, including nails so do a mani/pedi check prior to coming to class.

CANCELLATIONS: Aerial yoga has limited space and someone may be waiting for a hammock so PLEASE CANCEL NO LATER THAT 6 HOURS PRIOR TO CLASS TIME SO YOU DO NOT FORFEIT YOUR CLASS.

HOW TO CANCEL: Cancel on line in your account or email: innersunyogastudio@gmail.com. Phone and Facebook cancellations are not accepted as they may not be received in time for us to try to fill your hammock. Cancellations with less that 6 hours notice may get their class back depending on the circumstances and if we can fill your hammock.