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The Five Koshas

$20 per classFrom $16 per visit with 4-week Series Non-Member Rate passPurchase required to enroll

Become the best version of yourself in 2020 as you explore the 5 layers of your existence, the “Koshas”. In this inward journey you will intuitively open the sheaths of your annamaya kosha physical body, pranamaya kosha energy body, manomaya kosha, mental body, vijnanamaya kosha wisdom body and anadamaya kosha bliss body with breath, movement, meditation and nada (sound) yoga nidra (sleep). You will also learn mantra and mudras for you to integrate into your everyday life.

It is recommended you have some basic experience in yoga and attend all 4 classes.

SAVE when you register for all 4 classes by purchasing our 4-pack series for $64

Member Rate: $10 single visit | $20 series